The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

The other side of the medal

The brewery after the announcement of closing up


Important investments for this site have not been made for a long time since: after remaking the bottling lines in 1987, Heineken Italia has not deemed it necessary to invest largely in this plant. Nevertheless, this brewery has been allowed to continue thank to the skill and competence of its workers, mechanicals and electricians, who, too often, have to manage the plant's inadequacy and lacks with their skill.

The management

Pedavena has been a starting point for new careers and a seat for the training of the staff of the whole group, and the management has not been an exception: for a long time since, the managers of this plant, though very smart, have been people at their first e xperience, or near their retirement.

The path

How did we get to this serious situation?

  • 1994 - Heineken Italia acquires the plant of Comun Nuovo (BG) from Interbrew, that becomes Heineken's northern site. The other breweries in north Italy are becoming support plant for the new big one.
  • 1997 - After acquiring the Moretti Group, Heineken Italia closes down the plants of Baragiano (PZ) and Crespellano (BO) and hands over the plant of San Giorgio di Nogaro (UD), on decision of the antitrust; Pedavena, very suitable because of the contained size of its facilities, is due to produce special beers.
  • During the following years, the investments are more and more concentrated on Massafra (TA) and Comun Nuovo (BG), while Pedavena does not even get the funds necessary to perform the ordinary maintenance of the plants; nevertheless Pedavena continues to receive recognisement and prices.
  • 2004 - On March the hydro-electric power plant (attached to the plant) is sold, that made it energetically independent. The labour union is told that such a sale does not in the least mean any shutting down of the brewery. Not even a part of the money deriving from the sale will be reinvested in the Pedavena plant.
  • 2004 - In spring, Heineken Italia announces that the special beers will be given up, but after a precise question on the matter, the labour union is reassured on the future of the plant.
  • 2004 - In June, during the party for the 300.000 liters sold by "La Birreria", the bar-pub annexed to the brewery, the managing director Mr. Massimo Von Wunster himself reassures the mayor of Pedavena: the plant will continue to produce at least until 2010.
  • 2004 - On 22nd of September lthe Central management summons the local institutions and the labour trade to announce the closing down of the plant by 31st of December 2004 not appealable. Up to now there is no justifiable reason for this decision.

Is there anything that we can do?

We do not have the least idea, but we are going for it with every available means, because we believe that Pedavena Brewery has still to go a long way and to produce many hectoliters of good beer.

Since we are not given the possibility to continue the production within the Heineken Group, we are asking for the possibility to have the brewery and the plants acquired by someone else, so that the factory may not be closed down. A closing down would leave many of its workers unemployed and cause serious difficulties to the factories that work with and for Pedavena brewery, not to mention the tourism of this zone, in which the plant and the annexed old and impressive building and its park have been playing an important role for many years, being Pedavena brewery famous in the whole North-Eastern Italy, and not only there.

What about the surrounding region?

Unfortunately, in addition to the difficult condition of our plant, another problem almost unknown is rising in the "miraculous and rich North-East". Other factories are closing down and, though they do not have the same history and tradition of Pedavena brewery, they are giving way to an increasing number of families that are losing their income and are suddenly finding themselves in difficulties. These conditions are lowering the quality of life within an area that only a few decades ago had been able to stop the emigration of its inhabitants.

If you want to, you too can help us!

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