The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

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Heineken has entrusted the sale of the plant of Pedavena to the UBM of Unicredito Group

Source: Il Gazzettino - 11/02/2005

It is official now. Heineken has decided to sell the historical factory of Pedavena and in order to do this, it has entrusted the UniCredit Banca Mobiliare (UBM), a bank of investment of the UniCredit Group. Up to now the Dutch multinational seemed to have only made a promise, which might not have been kept according to many people. It was a matter of fact that the Brewery born 108 years ago was going to be closed down the next 31st July and that the Dutch brand had decided to leave the district of Belluno on September 2005. It had still to be ascertained whether the plant was due to be closed or whether it could start producing again within a short time.

Yesterday the news of the entrustment to UBM. Thus keeping – they explain from Milan – Heineken Italia’s commitment, which had been formally undertaken, to support the sale of the establishment through solutions which may have characteristics such as lasting reliability and stability, as a safeguard of the historical heritage represented by the plant of Pedavena. This commitment had been undertaken by Heineken Italia since the communication of the decision to leave Pedavena (September 2004) and the Union Trade agreement with the social parties on December 2004.

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