The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

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A moment of prayer for Christmas dedicated to the occupational crisis

Source: L'Amico del Popolo - 10/12/2004

Fridays 17 Decembers the workers of Feltre, employees of companies in difficulty side by side with those occupied in factories with a still solid future, in order to manifest solidarity to whom don't have a job anymore or is risking to lose it. No banner nor shouted slogans, specify the dependent of the factory of beer of Pedavena, that organised the event with the Church representative of the area and the Catholic Association of Feltre. We will leave Foro Boario Square at 20 o' clock along the streets of Feltre for the Dome, where will be waiting for us the bishop of Belluno and Feltre, Giuseppe Andrich, with the clergymen and representatives of the associations of the town. We will share a moment of prayer for Christmas, completely dedicated to the occupational crisis in our territory. Because the Nativity is not only a festivity of lights and gifts but has to be an occasion of reflection for all: administrators, politicians, simple citizens. What it is happening to occupational level in our province does not interest in fact only who directly is involved, because its effects will involve also the rest of the territory. And no one today can consider himself out of it.

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