The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

Meeting in Milan of the general coordination of Italian Heineken plants

Source: internal - 18/11/2004

During the encounter has been confirmed the solidarity to the workers of the plant of Pedavena.

The company has supplied the data of 2004, from which emerges that Heineken has increased its market share. "That augment our sorrow, also because between the investments foreseen for 2005, there is nothing about Pedavena and the justification that it has been left outside, because object if negotiation is weak" declared the representatives of the dependent of Pedavena.

Heineken keep pursuing the maximisation of profits, reducing the operating costs, but how? Today announcing the closing down of Pedavena and when will it be the turn of Aosta and Messina? It looks like Heineken Italy have the intention to concentrate itself on two mega productive structures, Comun Nuovo and Massafra, risking therefore to flat the quality of the product, without therefore taking advantage of the typical peculiarities of every plant: quality of the water, of the systems and the professionalism of the workers themselves. And the consumers? How much will they appreciate this activity of de-marketing?

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