The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

The battle of undersecretary Sacconi

Source: Il Gazzettino - 03/12/2004

"So great the admiration of the splendid surrounding naturalistic landscape". Who speaks is the On. Maurizio Sacconi, undersecretary of the Minister of the Job and the Welfare, Roberto Maroni, keen on Pedavena because of memories of his adolescence, when he used to come to dispute tennis meetings.

quot;Obviously my solution is that Pedavena continues to produce beer. It is fundamental the safeguard of the workplaces, but, at the same time, the protection of the entire site of Pedavena represents, in economic, historical terms and of tourist callback. We are speaking of a real patrimony, that has all the numbers to be maintained. After meeting the institutional representatives, it is our intention to convene those of Heineken. We are but waiting the conclusion of series of encounter between company and workers representatives (n.d.r. the last encounter has closed 3 December 2004 and Heineken has accepted to continue the production until 31 July 2005). After that, if still there will be shadows on the future of the brewery of Pedavena, we will ask an encounter with the multinational in which we will try to make "political pressure", using even some effective moral dissuasive to induce Heineken to convene on the importance to yield the factory, without placing obstacles, to other producers of beer ".

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