The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

Assolombarda - 11th of October

Sources: internal - 11/10/2004

On 11th of October, in Milan, in front of the headquarter of Assolombarda, we were more than 400: workers, institution representatives (mayors, local and provincial councillors, regional advisers, valley community president), priests, citizens that were waiting for the results of the meeting that was taking place between the workers representatives and the management of Heineken Italia.

The Heineken italian branch managing director Mr. Massimo von Wunster, advanced the possibility to posticipate the date of closing down of the brewery. First of all he wants to solve the workers position and after to decide the future of the factory, but we believe that the site and the workers have to be considered together and in that way have to be defended.

Heineken Italia did not exclude the possibility to sell the brewery to an antagonist, now we want to see if from words they will pass to facts, promises do not have to be only a way to earn time and save the firm image: we still continue to believe in a future for the brewery of Pedavena!

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