The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

Heineken keeps ambiguous

Source: Corriere delle Alpi - 28/12/2004

This is what the regional secretary to Veneto FLAI CGIL (Trade Union) Roberto Montagner has declared to the press, also adding: "Should Heineken hinder the birth of negotiations for the selling of the brewery of Pedavena, the whole trade-union agreement would be put at stake, after its difficult achievement at the beginning of December 2004. The very continuation of the production with another owner, after the leaving of the Dutch multinational, represents one of the main points of the document signed by trade unions, firm and representative of the industrials."

We too have to remind the firm the agreement it has signed and wherein it has committed itself to facilitate the negotiations for the selling, by also preferring the buyers who will continue to produce beer.

Should this point not be respected, that is the most important one, the whole agreement could be broken. There are eventual buyers, but they are not going to show themselves until Heineken Italy keeps ambiguous.

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