The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

"Written on paper how much the activity and the structure costs", it is the question for Heineken

Sources: Il Gazzettino and Il Corriere delle Alpi - 28/11/2004

"Now from words it is necessary to pass to numbers... the moment for Heineken to proceed with a formal step, has arrived. We have to understand how much is real this "availability", it is worth to say to know the figure that they mean to ask. It is obvious that in words Heineken can be ready to value every offer, but if the request is too high, there's something wrong, because who wants to sell have to put who means to buy in the condition of acquiring, so now we want to see written some numbers, only in this way it is possible to meet around a table the entrepreneurs that mean to concur to buy the factory" declared the Hon. Maurizio Paniz.

Hon. Paniz also said that the text underwrite from Heineken tells nothing new, grants only some tranquillity to the situation.

The mayor of Pedavena, Franco Zaetta, too, expresses some perplexity: "Remains the usual ambiguity, Heineken says it's available to estimate the plans is not known on the base of which criteria, but it does not say clearly of being available to sell the plant. It used the same terms of the letter that sent to the Common, without never speaking explicitly about alienation and sale. It is therefore a step forward that cannot be defined satisfactory. Now we have to see what Heineken will answer to the companies that in these weeks have shown some interest... I don't believe an Heineken matter to estimate the plans of the aspiring buyers, instead it should define clearly which procedures and which criteria it wants to be respected in order to consider an economic appraisal... As mayor, I will contact the office that Heineken said to have opened in Milan".

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