The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

26 November 2004: signed a document. Is Heineken ready to sell?

Sources: Il Gazzettino and Il Corriere delle Alpi - 27/11/2004

"This dispute is unique in Italy. Thanks also at the interesting of the local institutions, we could obtain a stronger contractual power, so much that the document underwrite received some precise request... For how much it competes to us, we will ask to continue the normal production until to beyond 2005. In the meantime it is important the outcoming of the interested entrepreneurs", declared the syndicate representative Roberto Montagner.

Heineken declared it wants to close the plant of Pedavena and using a language not always clearly and incisor confirmed and underwrote that there are no prejudicial to the sale of the factory and the pub Birreria Pedavena and that moreover it will be given the priority to the proposals regarding the purchase of whole site (the factory and annexed pub), privileging solutions involving particularly brewers.

It is now time to see the real and concrete availability of the enterprise to favour the sale of the buildings (the factory and annexed premises) and of the brand, that from always belongs to the history, the culture and the traditions of the local territory and the whole northeast of Italy.

The plant of Pedavena will be able to continue its activity in future only if Heineken will collaborate effectively on every useful aspect to favour the entry of an entrepreneur while the plant it is, as today, still perfectly working. An enterprise that respect employees, territory and population is an enterprise responsible and socially ethic!

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