The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

Many messages arrived to support us

Source: internal - 29/11/2004

Many persons are supporting in order to try to find the way for a productive continuity of the plant of Pedavena: laborers, company managers, employers, journalists, students, retired persons, clergymen, women, men, young people, housewives, sport, cultural and not profit associations, public administrators, political representative of every alignment, Italian and foreign citizens, radio, newspapers, televisions.

We thank them all and to all we try to give voice publishing some of their letters in the session contacts. There are messages of every kind: of support or disappointment with the strategies of Heineken, but all united with the objective to see how to continue in future too the production of beer in Pedavena.

We have published also some severe messages towards Heineken, one for all, in the italian section, the one of NEINEKEN!

For the Heineken Group we have always worked with engagement, dedication and fidelity. We have always believed in our job, that first of all we consider "passion". Closing Pedavena we know that the sympathy of the consumers towards marks of beer del Heineken Group could diminish but, even if for a short more time to go, we still are part of this Group.

Thank you all, from the deepest of our heart.

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