The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

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Heineken's ethics

Source: internal - 21/12/2004

At the end of November 2004 Heineken Italy achieved the environmental certification ISO 14001 from the Lloyd’s Register.

Massimo Von Wunster, Company Director of Heineken Italia has declared: "In accordance with the moral values of our parent company and conscious of the fact that the care for the environment is not only a problem concerning the authorities but also concerning each single person who can have an influence on the environment, our company has decided long ago to manage and reduce the impact of its activities on the environment, within a continuous process of improvement of the results and of the environmental performances".

In Spring 2004 Heineken Italy has given up the energy-self-sufficiency of the brewery of Pedavena, that derived from wholly renewable sources, by selling its own hydro-electric power plant and by thus buying the electricity from Enel, whose power stations (80 %) are working with non-renewable energy-sources (oil, gas and coal).

This is one of Heineken's peculiar ways to conceive ethics.

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