The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

Heineken Italia: a behaviour that seems to unboost the potential buyers

Sources: Corriere del Veneto, Il Gazzettino, Corriere delle Alpi - 23/12/2004

The Mayor of Pedavena, Franco Zaetta, after the meeting on 22nd December 2004, held in Milan at the head office of Heineken Italia, declared to the press: "The method they (Heineken Italia) have chosen seems to aim at unboosting possible buyers, instead of supporting a take-over. (Dr Soldani's) office seems to have been set to discourage any negotiation. In fact, no concrete \procedure has been activated yet to facilitate a take-over. The addition of more and more obstacles seems to be just a move to prolong time and discourage all possible buyers. And all this even if they have been continuously stating to be willing to evaluate whatever purchasing offer. When Heineken sold the hydro-electric power plant, which supplied power to the plant of production, they did not raise any objection…Besides, Heineken told us that we (as local authority) do not have the power to take part in the sale".

During the meeting in Milan on 22 December 2004, the representatives of Heineken Italia have shown lack of willingness and an attitude that in this case could appear like a lack of dialogue with the Local Institutions.

If Heineken considers itself as a socially responsible company, why does it not activate concretely to facilitate the take-over of the whole productive and commercial plant of Pedavena?

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