The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

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Meeting with Hon. Di Pietro about the brewery of Pedavena: "I will involve the European Union"

Source: internal - 13/11/2004

It has been held today in the afternoon in Feltre, the meeting between the secretariat of the European parliamentarian and one large representation of the dependent of the factory of Pedavena. The exposition of the situation and some word about the historical past of the site, have been said by Edi Marcabrun, representative of workers, that also illustrated the progresses obtained until this moment. It has been asked to the Deputy Di Pietro to carry to the national and European parliament the situation in which pours the productive site of Pedavena. Di Pietro after listening the reasons of the workers, has given complete availability for what the role within the European Parliament allows him to do. Already in the next week the R.S.U. of plant will be contacted from the secretariat of the parliamentarian for giving information of the question that will be forwarded to the European commission dedicated to these particular problems.

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