The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

Institutional table to the Palace of the Province of Belluno

Source: internal - 28/10/2004

Heineken declares to be a socially responsible company, but in the facts how does it act?

The President of the Province of Belluno convenes the company in order to know its decisions on some questions asked them in the previous days, through the press as well. At the meeting participate, from one side, the President of the Province Sergio Reolon, the Regional Council Member Floriano Pra, the Mayor of Pedavena Franco Zaetta, the President of the Association of Industrials of Belluno Celeste Bortoluzzi; from the other, Ines Mazzilli, Administrative and Financial Director of Heineken Italy and Franco Zurru, Managing Director of the Plant of Pedavena.

The meeting does not reach any practical effect. Heineken asserts not to have answers to supply, because the reunion is convened from the Institutions and therefore they are present only to listen. In some generic way, the Heineken representatives declare the availability of the company to sell the plant of Pedavena, but only to whom that guarantees continuity in the time (but is it reliable, seen the past acting of Heineken Italy in similar cases?).

From the meeting of the 11 October in Milan 17 days are already passed by, without concrete actions from Heineken. To 31 December they lack little more than 60 days. Heineken Board seems to earn time.

The workers of the factory, the community of Pedavena, the whole Northeast of Italy and the 600.000 annual clients of the Birreria Pedavena demand respect and clarity above all, from a company that declares itself socially responsible!

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