The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

An appeal to the Italian manufacturers. One letter has been sent to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo

Sources: Il Gazzettino and Il Corriere delle Alpi - 17/11/2004

The board managers of Confindustria (the Italian manufacturers confederation) are the adressees of one letter sent in these days from the representatives of the dependent, in order to try to involve them in the Pedavena case.

The letter has been sent to Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, National President of Confindustria, to Rossi Luciani, President Veneto Confindustria, to Bortoluzzi, President Industrials of Belluno, to Mazzoleni, President Lombardy Confindustria, to Perini, Assolombarda President.

The text says: "Once sluice the factory how could the direct and indirect workplaces be replaced in the territory? Do we have to somewhat attend new and improbable laws national or European in support of one new enterpriseness? Don't you believe that is better to defend what we possess with success and that is deeply rooted in our territory? We are convinced that a your fort engagement, meant to the defense of what belongs to us from generations can turns out positive developement.

It will be sufficient that Heineken effectively collaborates in putting in the market the plant of Pedavena, without placing ties or clauses that would prevent the alienation to thirds parts. As an example, if, as declared the General executive manager of Heineken Italy, first of all the company is taking care to find a solution for the dependent and only after becomes available to take in consideration the eventual alienation of the plant to a third part, implicitly it is aware that there won't be interested entrepreneurs to buy the activity. Which is in fact the entrepreneur who acquires one factory of beer without its specific workers and their so-called peculiar competences? In a similar circumstance we will not be able to talk about one plant for beer in sale, but about one empty box...

Pedavena is an only case in the industrial panorama Veneto and perhaps also beyond!

Supporting in convinced way the "Pedavena case" will carry a benefit to all: to the local economy, in the first place, then to the image of the entrepreneurial class and, above all, it will avoid that a dislocated territory to be penalized only because of its peripheral position respect to other more fortunate locations... If the Province of Belluno will lose Pedavena, no other factory dislocated here will be defensible in the time, less than other external companies with history and centers out of our territory".

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