The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

Does Heineken respect the Institutions?

Sources: Il Gazzettino and Il Corriere delle Alpi - 29/10/2004

After the meeting of 28 October with the Institutions, we read:

Floriano Pra - City council member Veneto Region: "As Veneto Region we want a delay (to the closure n.d.r.) and the continuity of production. Unfortunately, also today, the representatives of Heineken have been ambiguous, adding some more "fog" to their real intentions. These gentlemen must understand that the brewery represents our territory. It is not just a matter of one hundred of working places, but also all the activities that run around it and moreover the History of the Feltrino and the Bellunese".

Sergio Reolon - President Province of Belluno: "We will go ahead asking the institution of a ministerial table. It is important that Heineken understands that here is a matter of a national issue. I have the impression that they want to speculate on the area, but will never obtain the building licences from the Authority".

Franco Zaetta - Mayor of Pedavena: "From part of the Commonof Pedavena we have delivered a document in which we ask them five things:

  1. the availability to sell the plant to a company beer manufacturer;
  2. the cession of the brand "Birra Pedavena";
  3. the maintenance of the unity of the site;
  4. a delay of at least six more month before the closure;
  5. the location of the procedures and the modalities of sale.

On these points we demand certain and concrete answers.

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