The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

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8 November: meeting with Heineken

Source: internal - 08/11/2004

At the Headquarter of the Association from Industrials of Belluno there were, apart from the society referrers Piergiorgio Giunti (Director of the Human Resources) and Mario Perego (Responsible Organization and Industrial relations), assisted by the representative of Assolombarda, Evio Bavoni, the regional and provincial representatives of CGIL, CISL and UIL.

From the reunion greater availability of the company seems to be emerged about the Pedavena situation. The company confirm the will of closing of the plant from side, but from the other becomes available to continue the production after next 31 December. Three new meetings have been planned with the trade-union representatives for next 15 and 26 November and 3 December.

We believe that Heineken Italy has all the possibilities and ability to leave Pedavena guaranteeing, at the same time, the respect and the future of the local economy, continuity of the characteristic activity of the plant (the production of beer) and safeguarding the productiveness and the professionalism of all the parts involved, as meaningful example of how it can be conciliated profit and industrial ethics. It would be enough that the declarations are followed by concrete actions.


Apart from giving the availability the responsible for Fiscal and Social Transactions, Mr. Giacomo Soldani, in order to examine eventual proposals of purchase of the plant, we believe that the apex of Heineken Italy has valid abilities, acquaintances and competences in order to search, in its turn, some possible purchasers of the plant of Pedavena, that for the Dutch multinational it is integrating and important part if its history, seen that it has always been in the heart of the lamented owner of the Group, Mr. Alfred Heineken.

In the end also in the recent past Heineken Italy found a purchaser, once for the Hydroelectric plant of Pedavena, another for the plant of Moretti Beer of San Giorgio of Nogaro (UD). We would not want to think that that its ability to characterize a purchaser only happened for the participation of the Guarantor Authority of the Competition and the Market (Italian Antitrust), presided by prof. Giuseppe Tesauro.

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