The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

von Wunster answers to the Istitutions

Source: internal - 06/11/2004

The General executive manager of Heineken Italia, von Wunster, with a letter dated 29 October, of a still generic content, has written to the President of the Veneto Region, to the President of the Province of Belluno, to the City council member of the Veneto Region, Floriano Pra, to the Mayor of Pedavena, the President Industrial of Belluno, the President of Development Italy Veneto, Massimo Colomban.

Law that the society becomes available to examine their "suggestions for concrete solutions, that can be proposed and actuated for a future of the site of Pedavena". However he has eluded some topics, like the eventual availability to the cession of the brand "Pedavena", as manifested in the meeting of last 11 October in Milan, in Assolombarda, as the one of the eventual availability to yield the site to a brewing company, also concurrent.

It has, moreover, added: "To be a responsible company means to guarantee its health for in the long period and this knowledge has determined the decision to transfer the production of the plant of Pedavena". ... "It is in the intentions of Heineken Italy to actuate this initiative in responsible way towards the involved persons and the local community".

Concepts of social responsibility of the enterprise that would be verified in the concrete, seen that Heineken Italia declared the closure of a site of important economic value for the area and the culture of the entire Northeast, with a warning of only 100 days!

Moreover, continuing to separately dealing the future of the plant from that one of its employees, Heineken Italia would not seem interested to the cession of the plant to someone else. In fact, once solved the question of the employees, which entrepreneur could be interested in acquiring an empty box?!

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