The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

Deputies of Veneto support the brewery of Pedavena

Source: internal - 05/11/2004

All the Deputies of Veneto of any political orientation, that represent the 4.470.000 citizens of Veneto, are united in supporting the Factory of Pedavena, all convinced of the value of the productive site, that represents not only the economy of an entire community, but also its history, culture, tourism.

The document, written by the Members of parliament Fistarol and Sandi and addressed to the Minister of Productive Activities Antonio Marzano, has been signed from all the Deputies of Veneto. "Rare event" declared the Dep. Fistarol, "that let us understand how much us the issue is in the heart of the entire Veneto".

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