The brewery of Pedavena (Belluno - Italy)

What's going on?

Apex from Minister Maroni: the head of the ministry of Work and Welfare wants to see clearer in the situation

Source: Il Gazzettino - 12/11/2004

Thursday 18 November 2004 the Minister of Work and the Social Politics Roberto Maroni, will meet in Rome the parliamentarians of Belluno and the President of the Province of Belluno Sergio Reolon, in order to face the issue of the closure of the plant of Pedavena. "This encounter will be the first step for the construction of a table of job for solve the Heineken issue... I have to thank the Minister Maroni and the Undersecretary Maurizio Sacconi for the availability and sensibility shown" declared Hon. Italo Sandi, that strongly sped up for this encounter.Both the Minister Maroni and Undersecretary Sacconi are very keen on the topic "ethic of enterprises". We remember the participation of the Minister Maroni to a specific convention in Agordo (BL) last spring and the recent participation of the Sacconi Undersecretary to the convention of Federmanagement from the title "The social and ethics responsibility of enterprises", kept in Milan the 18 October 2004 at the headquarter of Banca Impresa (

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